SAKS mini symposium DOS 2017.

“Complications at arthroscopic knee and hip surgery and how to prevent them.”

Onsdag den 25. oktober kl. 13-16.

Lokale: Copenhagen

Chairmen: Martin Lind and Per Hölmich

13.00-13.05:    Welcome: Martin Lind

13.05-13.15:    Which arthroscopic complications result in compensations from the Danish patient insurance system. (Michael Krogsgaard)

13.15-13.30:    Complications at meniscus and synovial surgery. (Martin W Rathcke)

13.30-13.50:    Complications at patellofemoral surgery. (Peter Lavard)

13.50-14.30:    Complications at knee ligament reconstructions. (Romain Seil, Luxembourg)

14.30-14.40:    Discussion

14.40-15.00:    Coffee break

15.00-15.10:    Deep venous thrombosis and infections. (Martin Lind)

15.10-15.40:    Complications at hip arthroscopy. (Mikael Sansone, Sverige)

15.40-15.50:    Complication data from the Danish Hip Arthroscopy Registry. (Otto Kraemer)

15.50-16.00:    Discussion