SAKS fokussymposiet i 2018 omhandler:

“Treatment of Patella-femoral Pathology”

Diagnostics Imaging –  PF pain conditions – PF instability 

Preoperative planning – Surgical and Conservative treatment options 

MPFL-R  –  OsteotomiesTrochleoplastyConcomittant injuries Physiotherapy – Rehabilitation – Degenerative PFJ treatment options 

Organizing Committee:

Danish Society of Arthroscopy and Sportstraumatology.


Hotel Comwell
Roskilde Vestre Kirkevej 12 DK – 4000 Himmelev Phone: +45 46323131
Fax: +45 46350835

Date: 14th and 15th of September 2018.

Henvendelser angående Fokus symposiet:

Invited guest-lectures:

David Dejour (F), Petri Sillanpää (FIN),  Anders Odgaard (DK), 

Physio Michael Ratleff (DK),  Michael Boesen (DK),  Peter lavard ( DK), 

Lars Blønd (DK), Lars Konradsen(DK),  Physio Torsten Nielsen, 

Physio Mathilde Lundgaard-Nielsen m.fl